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We would like to add information and photos from other interested people to this site. The lack of will by DoC and the South Taranaki District Council to protect the icons and public roads of our area mean that photos are often all that remains.   

Rotokohu swamp is an area that has been designated by DoC as an area of high natural value and by the Taranaki Regional Council as the most significant wetland in the Matemateaonga Ecological district, yet it is grazed by sheep, cattle, deer and goats. DoC Whanganui told us it was destroyed by the Feb 04 flood which no doubt supported their desire to close this track. But the swamp is still there going strong.  See Rotokohu.


Building Pokeka hut, 1970's.

Humphries hut.
Lost forever.


Kapara bridge
Lost forever