Otaraheke hut                     

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  Unfortunately DoC Wanganui is not a fan of these old Forest Service huts and this one and Humphries hut were very hastily removed as The Hon Sandra Lee (Minister of Conservation) placed a moratorium on hut removals. Both were on the Matemateaonga walkway midway between the approved DoC huts (Omaru, Pouri and Puketotara) and were favoured by those that didn't need the gloss that DoC feels is necessary. Both were sensibly sited near junctions to side routes off the Matemateaonga walkway.

This page, and pages of the other huts removed by DoC about the same time, are being retained as one can dream that one day the neglect of this area will cease.








Otaraheke's location
(Modified map from WAMS.org.nz)