Waitotara river mouth    and       Hawken's (or Tapuarau) lagoon

  The mouth of the Waitotara river has drowned a totara forest at the point where the Waiau stream enters and the stumps of these trees can still be seen.The conservation area to the north of the river mouth has a number of sand dune lakes which in themselves are quite scenic. If you approach quietly, you may be lucky enough to see a bittern. You can continue north through this conservation land or along the beach until you reach Lennox road, or continue along to Waverley beach.

There is public road access then conservation land access to the river near the mouth, although at times you appear to be driving through someone's paddock. Unlocked gates on this road at the paddock edges acknowledge the access and by following the river you will be fine. Once you leave your car there is no well marked access but 4 wheelers have left tracks you can follow. The stumps can be seen from the car side of the stream if you do not wish to get wet feet.

The other side of the Waitotara river mouth can be accessed from Waiinu, and then walking along the beach or through the public reserve adjacent to the beach.


Road access

River mouth area

Public land in this area
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